$2 Curtains DIY – Made from Pillow Cases

Curtains are expensive. Why not sew up your own for $2?


  • 2 pillow cases
  • Sewing maching
  • Scissors

  1. Turn the pillow case inside out and cut down the side of the folded piece (where you would normally tuck the end of the pillow in).

2. Fold over the cut edge twice and sew.

3. Fold the top edge to make a rod pocket to hang the curtain. The width of the rod pocket will affect the length of your curtains.

Make sure the curtain rod fits through the pocket!

4. Iron the pillow case. Pin and stitch the across opening. You may need to make a small cut at either end of the opening before stitching to ensure it is flat.

The completed curtain! Repeat the process with the 2nd pillow case and you are done.

Please let me know what you thought of this project and if you made your own.

NOTE: If you want your curtains to have a gathered effect you will need to make sure the pillow cases are wider than the window. You can always make an extra 2 curtain panels and stitch them together. (Try 2 different coloured panels).

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