Wedding Decoration

Nail Polish + Wire = Floral Table Centrepiece

Looking for a cheap table centrepiece which does not obstruct your guests view?

Make a nail polish flower wreath which matches your theme colours.

Make matching hair pins for bridesmaids or flower girls.


  • Thin wire which you can easily manipulate
  • A pen or pencil
  • Wire cutters
  • Nail polish
  • Tacky glue (optional)
  • Florist tape
  • Beads (for centre of flower)
  • Bead caps (optional)
  1. Twist the wire around the pen 5 times. It will look like a spring.

2. Squash the spring flat. Make sure you have 5 loops, then twist the ends together a few times.

3. Starting from the top loop, spread the loops out anti clockwise.

4. Bend the loops up to make a flower shape.

5. Use the pen to curve the petals which will make it look a bit more realistic.

6. Use the nail polish to colour in the petals. You need to make sure the brush is touching both sides of the petal and move it slowly across the petal.

NOTE: An easier way to fill in the petals is ‘tacky glue’. Move the glue nozzle in small circular motions over the petal and hold it in front of a heater or hairdryer to make it set.

Once the glue dries clear it is much easier to paint on the nail polish.

When you finish all of the petals the flower base is complete.

7. Once dry you can use a small piece of wire with a loop in the end to add the bead cap and bead for the centre of the flower.

Alternatively. Try a hot glue gun to attach the centre bead.

8. Twist the ends of your completed flowers on to a long piece of wire.

9. Wrap it all in florist tape.

Make it look more alive with a twist of ivy.

Please send me a picture of your own Nail polish flowers.

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