Frames that Rock!

Grab some coloured rocks and stones and make a decorative frame.

You can put just about anything in it.


  • Picture frame(s) with room to put things inside
  • Stones of different shapes and colours
  • Glass stones
  • Stones with words written on them. Or anything else you would like to feature.
  • Masking tape
  • Scissors 

I made these a number of years ago, so unfortunately I don’t have step by step pictures.


  1. Lay the frame glass side down and open up the back. 
  2. Remove any packing foam and the paper image which came in the frame.
  3. Wipe clean.
  4. Decide which feature stones you want to use and place these where you would like then inside the frame.
  5. Carefully fill the gaps with the coloured stones. Just put them in randomly.
  6. Pour some glass beads in. You make need to lift up the edge of your coloured stones to make sure you can see the glass ones.
  7. Place the back of the frame over the stones and hold it in place.
  8. Carefully shake the frame back and forth to ensure stones settle in place and the glass ones fill in the gaps.
  9. Place all four fingers on either edge on the frame and carefully tilt it up (thumbs on the glass) to check your work.
  10. Move and stones you don’t like and fill in any remaining gaps.
  11. When happy with the design, replace the back. 
  12. Stand the frame up to check the stones don’t move, then secure the back cover with masking tape.

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