Wedding Decoration

DIY Wedding Wine Charms / Napkin Rings / Alternative to Name Placecards

Wedding guests won’t lose their glasses with these easy and cost effective charms.

They are also a nice keepsake for your friends and family.

Try using photos or get bigger frames and use them as an alternative to name place cards.



  1. Cut out the image for your frame. 

This is the most difficult part. I found it was easier to make a template on the computer and print it off.

To make a template:

  • Scan the frame image into your computer 

  • Insert the image in Microsoft Word or Publisher. Make sure it is at 100% size.
  • Use the ‘free form’ tool (located in Insert -> Shape) to trace the edge of the frame. It doesn’t have to be perfect. 
  • Make your freeform heart shape slightly bigger to ensure you don’t see the edge of the template in your finished charm.
  • Copy and paste your template over the image you would like to use. Or use the shape fill and text tools to make name charms.

2. Push the cut out image in to the frame. 

3. Run your fingernail around the inside edge to make sure it is in firmly. I didn’t glue it in, but it may last longer it you do.

4. Cut off any edges which stick up above the frame.

5. Fill the frames with the crafters acrylic. It can take a week or two to dry depending on the weather. The longer you let it set the clearer the image should be. 

Each day the acrylic becomes a bit clearer and it is interesting to see the design appear

Tip: Line a baking tray with foil to make it easier to transport the charms to a sunny spot. 

Note: I found some designs may run and mix together. It seems to depend on how many colours you use.

6. The acrylic can have bubbles in it when dry, so make more than you need.

To remove bubbles: Try stirring the acrylic with a toothpick once it is in the frame?

7. Use jump rings and pliers to attach the charm to the wine ring.

Show me the charms you make on Facebook

Or Twitter @madewithnicole

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