DIY, Kids Can DIY Too!

Water Droplet Canvas Art in 2 Steps

Grab a glass of water to make these great paint effects.


 (All available from discount stores)

  • Framed canvas x 3
  • Water based paint in 3 complementary colours
  • Paint brush 
  • Glass of water


1. Paint the canvas in one of the colours.

2. Before it is dry drop water onto the canvas using the paint bush. 

That’s it! Repeat with the other 2 colours and you are finished. 

You can splash on the water in different ways to get different patterns:

  • Random drops of water

  • Water flicked in different directions with the paint brush.

  • From memory I think I used a cotton bud to get this starburst effect. The paint texture was achieved by alternating strokes  of brown and cream paint in a cross (x) motion.

Happy painting. Please send me a photo of your own Water Droplet Canvas Art!

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