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Paper Roses for your Valentine or 1st Anniversary

An inexpensive gift which will last longer than real flowers.

This paper rose technique is not an original idea, but I thought it turned out rather well so I should post it.


  • Paper
  • Glue
  • Pliers (preferably with a round nose)


1. Cut out a circle of paper

2. Cut a spiral shape.

3. Grip the outside edge with the pliers and roll the paper around the end of the pliers.

4. Remove the pliers and gently hold the front and back of the flower to let it unravel.

5. Glue the bottom in place.

You now have a finished flower.

You can attach some wire to the back to make a bouquet, add a gem or pearl to the middle, add some glitter to the petals or use different patterned paper.

Happy Creating!

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