DIY, Wedding Decoration

Last minute gift or table centrepiece

Want to make a box of chocolates look a little more fancy?


  • Cream filled or hollow chocolates
  • Cellophane
  • Container
  • Stick tape
  • Wooden skewers
  • Florist foam
  • Scissors

Instructions: chocolate skewers

1. Cut some cellophane into small squares.

2. Push a skewer through the middle. Secure with sticky tape about an inch from the pointy end of the skewer.

3. Push the chocolate on to the end.

4. Cut a section of florist foam to fit your container.

5. Cut 2 large squares of cellophane and cross the over each other.

6. Place the foam on top, gather the corners of cellophane together and place in the containers.

7. Arrange your chocolate skewers in the foam and you are done. You may need to snap the end off the skewers depending on the height of your container.

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