DIY, Kids Can DIY Too!

Wash Cloth Gift Bunny

Great easter gift for babies.



  • Wash cloth
  • 2 elastic bands (even use hair elastics)
  • Small Easter egg
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors


1. Fold wash cloth in half to make a triangle shape.


2. Start rolling from the bottom point toward the fold


 3. Move the edge of the fold to the top.


 4. Fold into a horseshoe shape.


 5. Secure with the first elastic band.


 6. Secure the second elastic approximately 3 cm above the first one to make the bunny’s head.

  7. Flip the bunny over.


8. Decorate with a ribbon tied in a bow around the bunny’s neck.


9. Place the Easter egg in the pocket in the bunny’s tummy.


 You can also use stickers to make eyes and a nose.


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