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Memory Jar – Wedding Anniversary Gift

Keep memories of your marriage alive for years to come with this simple and inexpensive memory jar.

I wrote the poem which reads:

This first year of marriage has been so special and is the start of many more, I am excited to imagine the future we have in store.

The traditional first anniversary gift is made of paper, so let’s write down and place in this jar the memories we would like to savour.

Over the years this jar will collect memories that are yet to come, and as we grow old we can remember times of love, laughter and fun!


  • Clean empty jar
  • Computer 
  • Printer
  • Elastic band
  • Small piece of material 
  • Twine
  • Scissors
  • Tape or clear contact paper


  1. Type up the poem in a word processing program on your computer, you may like to add a picture which means a lot to you in the background.
  2. Print the picture and cut is out.
  3. Tape to the outside of the jar. To protect the picture I suggest using clear contact paper to secure it to the jar. (If you have a few photos you want to use, try making the outside of the jar a collage. Or you can add new pictures to the outside of the jar over the years.)
  4. Cut out a square of fabric big enough to easily cover the lid.
  5. Secure this with the elastic band.
  6. Hide the elastic band with a piece of twine wrapped around twice and tied in a bow.
  7. Find something to put in the jar before you present it to your loved one. It could be tickets or a receipt from a night out, a few of your memories with them written down, or some blank pieces of paper and a pen to write down a few memories together.

It doesn’t matter if the jar is small, open it on your anniversary each year and seal the contents is a zip lock bag to make room for more memories the following year.

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