Christmas Craft, Kids Can DIY Too!

Christmas Bon Bon / Cracker Video Tutorial 

Tired of the same old jokes and silly toys in the store bought Christmas Bon Bons? Why not make your own! Note: Cheap thin wrapping paper works best. If using strong paper, you will need to poke a few hole in the paper next to the curling ribbon so it actually breaks when pulled.


Crochet Amigurumi Toys for Wellbeing 

Background: So, it's been a while since I have made any blog posts. I have had a bad run of illness over 12 months and haven't been up to much DIYing lately.  On the positive side - through the haze of medication side effects I have discovered a love of crochet and it has helped… Continue reading Crochet Amigurumi Toys for Wellbeing 

DIY, Kids Can DIY Too!

Kids Felt Pocket Activities for Easter

  Keep the kids entertained with 'Felt Pocket' activities. These 3 games fit into one small pocket sized bag and would be a good travel activity.    To make the pocket: Cut a rectanglar piece of felt and fold it in half. Stitch down 2 sides starting from the folded edge. Turn the felt inside out… Continue reading Kids Felt Pocket Activities for Easter

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Handmade Wedding Card

     Materials: 2 plain cards (1 black and 1 white) Scissors Pencil and eraser  Craft knife Glue Black marker Patterned stamp Silver stamp ink Black stamp ink Stamp for inside message Silver letter stickers Diamantés Patterned scissors (optional) Instructions:    1. Start with 2 cards (1 black and 1 white) of the same size.… Continue reading Handmade Wedding Card

DIY, Wedding Decoration

Memory Jar – Wedding Anniversary Gift

   Keep memories of your marriage alive for years to come with this simple and inexpensive memory jar. I wrote the poem which reads: This first year of marriage has been so special and is the start of many more, I am excited to imagine the future we have in store. The traditional first anniversary gift… Continue reading Memory Jar – Wedding Anniversary Gift

Kids Can DIY Too!

Easy Fathers Day Card

   Materials: Blank card Pencil Eraser Stanley knife Coloured paper  Scissors  Glue Alphabet stamps Black ink pad Instructions: 1. Draw the 'D A D' lettering on to the card and cut out the edges with the Stanley knife.    2. Erase any left over pencil marks. 3. Cut out coloured paper to fit over the… Continue reading Easy Fathers Day Card

Card Marking, Kids Can DIY Too!

Dachshund Birthday Card

   Materials: Blank card Fine liner Coloured paper Patterned stamps 'Happy Birthday' stamp Stamp in pads in various colours Scissors Double sided tape Twine Glue Coloured pencils Hb pencil Instructions: Draw the dachshund. Outline in fine liner and colour in. Use the contrasting coloured ink to stamp patterns on the coloured paper. Cut 2 pieces… Continue reading Dachshund Birthday Card