DIY, Kids Can DIY Too!

Kids Felt Pocket Activities for Easter

  Keep the kids entertained with 'Felt Pocket' activities. These 3 games fit into one small pocket sized bag and would be a good travel activity.    To make the pocket: Cut a rectanglar piece of felt and fold it in half. Stitch down 2 sides starting from the folded edge. Turn the felt inside out… Continue reading Kids Felt Pocket Activities for Easter

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Memory Jar – Wedding Anniversary Gift

   Keep memories of your marriage alive for years to come with this simple and inexpensive memory jar. I wrote the poem which reads: This first year of marriage has been so special and is the start of many more, I am excited to imagine the future we have in store. The traditional first anniversary gift… Continue reading Memory Jar – Wedding Anniversary Gift


Upcycled Old Drawer = Art Easel

Don't pay hundreds of dollars for an art easel - make one yourself! It also has built in storage for your art supplies.    Materials: Old wooden drawer (we got this this one for free from a house which was being renovated in our street) Saw Chisel Screwdriver  Wood glue  Hinges (1 for the lid,… Continue reading Upcycled Old Drawer = Art Easel

DIY, Kids Can DIY Too!

Wash Cloth Gift Bunny

Great easter gift for babies. Materials:Wash cloth2 elastic bands (even use hair elastics)Small Easter eggRibbonScissors  1. Fold wash cloth in half to make a triangle shape. 2. Start rolling from the bottom point toward the fold  3. Move the edge of the fold to the top.  4. Fold into a horseshoe shape.  5. Secure with the first elastic band.  6. Secure the… Continue reading Wash Cloth Gift Bunny


Budget Cake Board Splashback 

Waiting for other work to be done before your splashback is completed?Materials:Foil cake boards Double sided tape (removable)ScissorsMake sure the wall is clean.2. Add some doubled sided tape to the back of th cake board.3. Stick them up like tiles.Warning: I am not sure how heat resistant and flammable these are. If you would like to get… Continue reading Budget Cake Board Splashback 

DIY, Kids Can DIY Too!

Do you have any lost socks?

Then try this super easy lost sock board.Materials:Pegs (wooden for painting, or any pegs with flat sides)Strong double sided tapeColoured paperBlack markerScissorsPaint (optional)Paint brush or foam brush (optional)Instructions:1. Use a marker and coloured paper to make the signage 'Single and looking for a sole mate' and attach to the front of a cupboard using the… Continue reading Do you have any lost socks?

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Last minute gift or table centrepiece

Want to make a box of chocolates look a little more fancy?Materials:Cream filled or hollow chocolatesCellophaneContainerStick tapeWooden skewersFlorist foamScissorsInstructions: chocolate skewers1. Cut some cellophane into small squares.2. Push a skewer through the middle. Secure with sticky tape about an inch from the pointy end of the skewer.3. Push the chocolate on to the end.4. Cut… Continue reading Last minute gift or table centrepiece

DIY, Kids Can DIY Too!, Wedding Decoration

Paper Roses for your Valentine or 1st Anniversary

An inexpensive gift which will last longer than real flowers.This paper rose technique is not an original idea, but I thought it turned out rather well so I should post it.Materials:PaperGluePliers (preferably with a round nose)Instructions:1. Cut out a circle of paper2. Cut a spiral shape.3. Grip the outside edge with the pliers and roll… Continue reading Paper Roses for your Valentine or 1st Anniversary

DIY, Kids Can DIY Too!

Photo Transfer Wooden Pegs

Transfer printed images onto wooden pegs for craft projects, or grab a piece of string and use them to display your photos. Materials: Wooden pegs Photos or printed images to transfer PVA glue Water Instructions: 1. Mix some PVA glue with water. I have a 50/50 consistency. 2. Cut your photo to size and glue… Continue reading Photo Transfer Wooden Pegs