Upcycled Old Drawer = Art Easel

Don't pay hundreds of dollars for an art easel - make one yourself! It also has built in storage for your art supplies.    Materials: Old wooden drawer (we got this this one for free from a house which was being renovated in our street) Saw Chisel Screwdriver  Wood glue  Hinges (1 for the lid,… Continue reading Upcycled Old Drawer = Art Easel

DIY, Kids Can DIY Too!

Water Droplet Canvas Art in 2 Steps

Grab a glass of water to make these great paint effects.Materials: (All available from discount stores)Framed canvas x 3Water based paint in 3 complementary coloursPaint brush Glass of waterInstructions:1. Paint the canvas in one of the colours.2. Before it is dry drop water onto the canvas using the paint bush. That's it! Repeat with the other 2 colours… Continue reading Water Droplet Canvas Art in 2 Steps