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Handmade Wedding Card

     Materials: 2 plain cards (1 black and 1 white) Scissors Pencil and eraser  Craft knife Glue Black marker Patterned stamp Silver stamp ink Black stamp ink Stamp for inside message Silver letter stickers Diamantés Patterned scissors (optional) Instructions:    1. Start with 2 cards (1 black and 1 white) of the same size.… Continue reading Handmade Wedding Card

Kids Can DIY Too!

Easy Fathers Day Card

   Materials: Blank card Pencil Eraser Stanley knife Coloured paper  Scissors  Glue Alphabet stamps Black ink pad Instructions: 1. Draw the 'D A D' lettering on to the card and cut out the edges with the Stanley knife.    2. Erase any left over pencil marks. 3. Cut out coloured paper to fit over the… Continue reading Easy Fathers Day Card

Card Marking, Kids Can DIY Too!

Dachshund Birthday Card

   Materials: Blank card Fine liner Coloured paper Patterned stamps 'Happy Birthday' stamp Stamp in pads in various colours Scissors Double sided tape Twine Glue Coloured pencils Hb pencil Instructions: Draw the dachshund. Outline in fine liner and colour in. Use the contrasting coloured ink to stamp patterns on the coloured paper. Cut 2 pieces… Continue reading Dachshund Birthday Card

Card Marking, Kids Can DIY Too!

8th Birthday Card

   Materials: Blank card 'Happy Birthday' stamp x3 Inside message stamp Stamp ink pads x3 Stick on diamantés x 3 colours Metallic pencils x2 colours Scissors Craft knife Instructions: Choose 1 ink colour for each stamp and randomly stamp 'Happy Birthday' all over the front of the card. When the ink is dry, cut the… Continue reading 8th Birthday Card